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The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole

Published February 1st 1992 by Scholastic Press (first published October 1st 1990)

Plot Description: Thanks to the planetarium being closed, Ms Frizzle decides to take her class on a whole different type of class trip, to outer space.  In this book we get to explore all the planets, including the sun and the moon. Throughout the story we are given scientific facts that are presented not only in an interesting but humorous way.  Ms Frizzle ends up being separated from the students for a time, leaving them to explore on their own, but are finally reunited at the end where they summarize their adventures using a chart and mobile.

Quantitative Reading Level: 3.7

Qualitative Reading Analysis: I believe this is a Moderately Complex text.  The information is given in a way that is interesting to the students, however there is still a lot of information that may be new to them given in such a short amount of time that they may be unable to absorb all of it at once.

Content Area: Earth Science, Mathematics (Number Sense)

CC Content Area Standard: ES 3.4, ES 5.5

Curriculum Lesson Plans:

(Also has plans for other Solar System books)

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The Lorax

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

First published August 12, 1971

Plot Description: The Lorax is a magical creature that speaks for the trees.  He appears one day to beg the Once-ler to cease his business of chopping down trees, for they are important.  The Once-ler does not listen to the Lorax, but instead continues to grow his business and chopping down Truffula Trees until they and all the wildlife are gone.  This is a great book to introduce children to the importance against pollution and keeping our earth healthy.

Quantitative Reading Level: 3.1

Qualitative Reading Analysis: Moderately to Very Complex due to the time jumping between the Once-ler telling the story and the story itself, as well as complex/original language create by Dr. Seuss that is not readily known and the underlying hidden concept of protecting the Earth that develops throughout the story.

Content Area: History/Social Science, Science

CC Content Area Standard: HSS 10.3, HSS 10.11, LS 3.3, LS 4.3, LS 6.5, ES 6.6

Curriculum Lesson Plans:

Other Fun Resources: