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The Lotus Seed

Lotus Seed by Sherry Garland

First published April 30, 1993

Plot Description: When she is forced to leave Vietnam, a young girl brings a lotus seed with her to America in remembrance of her homeland. As she ages she always keeps the lotus seed close, a symbol of the past, but one year while her family is visiting her grandson finds the seed and decides to plant it in the back yard.  At first the grandmother is upset, but then realizes that she needs to share her heritage and that of her grandchildren’s with them and shares the lotus flowers that blossom from that one seed with them all.

Evaluation:  The Lotus Seed begins with the fall of Saigon and is a good book to not only talk about the historical aspect of the Vietnamese people and the struggles that occurred before and after, but the culture and significance that is the lotus and why it meant to much the girl/grandmother in the story.  Use the book to discuss that every culture has their own symbols of importance and what they might be to each of those different cultures within the school.

Quantitative Reading Level: Grades K-4

Content Area: History/Social Science

TEKS Subject Standard: SS K.12A, SS K.12B, SS 1.15A


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