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Mulan (Movie)

Released in 1998

Plot Description: Mulan, the only child of the Fa family, takes her disabled father’s place in the Chinese army with the Huns invade disguised as a man with the help of a lucky cricket, a dragon sent by her ancestors, and the family horse.  Having dishonored her family during at the matchmaker’s, Mulan feels this is the only way she can redeem herself and her family’s honor.

Evaluation: Mulan is a great way to introduce children to how different countries and different eras treated males and females differently, on top of the basic Chinese history and mythology of the story.  It is also a positive message about overcoming gender stereotypes.

Quantitative Level: Grades 1-4

Content Area: History/Social Science

TEKS Subject Standard: SS K.11A, SS K.11B, SS K.12A, SS K.12B, SS 1.15A, SS 1.15B, SS 2.15A, SS 2.15B, SS 3.14A, SS 3.14B

Curriculum Lesson Plans:

Other Fun Resources:

  • Characters – Mulan, Mushu, Shang

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