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Time Team

Time Team

Taylor, T. (Producer). (1994-2013). Time Team [Television series]. London, UK: Channel 4.

Description: A British Television series that ran from 1994 to 2013, consists of a group of archaeologist that spend a few days on-site of archaeology digs dating from Paleolithic times all the way to the first world war and explain what is happening in layman’s terms. For each dig, there is a plethora of videos to choose from as well as a timeline set up to show what events (videos) happened in what order.

Qualitative Analysis: Moderately to Very Complex.  The content is sometimes hard to follow simply because of the British accents and the historical context, but the narrators do a marvelous job of explaining why what is being found is significant.  To incorporate some of the videos into the classroom it may take some discussions on how either the discoveries connect with the historical period the class is studying, or how the genetics connect with that of ancestry in our biogenetical code, for example.

Content Area: History/Social Science, Science

TEKS Standard: B.7A, B.7B, B.7C, WH.1C, WH.1D, WH.1E, WH.1E, WH.1F, WH.4G, WH.10B


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