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TED Talk – The Psychology of Time

TED Talk- The Psychology of Time

Description: If there’s one thing high school students need more than anything, especially before heading off on their own to college, it is time management skills.  However, they won’t learn in this TED talk by psychologist Philip Zimbardo, but what they will get out of it is advice on perceiving the past, present, and future in a manner more conducive to their health and productivity.

Qualitative Analysis: Moderately Complex.  Some of the topics in this video is a bit more mature, but for most high school students should be able to handle the few aspects that might be considered “controversial”, but the moderately complex labeling is given because Zimbardo does give a lot of information in a short amount of time.  He talks very quickly and it may be beneficial to stop the video every few moments to discuss what he discusses before moving on instead of waiting till the end so the students don’t get too overwhelmed with all the information being thrown at them.


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