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TED Talk – Ancient Wonders Captured in 3D

TED Talk- Ancient Wonders Captured in 3D

Description: In this TED Talk, digital preservationist Ben Kacyra explains his work with and invention of a 3D scanning system and how he became interested in using his system in the preservation are archival of historical sites.  We hear Kacyra explain the importance of documenting these ancient monument before they are destroyed by either neglect, natural disaster, or human intervention.

Qualitative Analysis: Slightly Complex.  The video does not go into too many details of the creating of the 3D scanning system or how it works, but simply why Kacyra believes that the archiving of past civilizations is necessary and therefore it does not need much background knowledge to understand.  It is a good video however, to lead into the exploration of his free project CyArk where the students can go explore the over 50 sites that Kacyra and his wife have already documented.

Content Area: World History, Technology


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