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Owen & Mzee

Owen & Mzee

Description: Based on the Owen and Mzee books by Isabella Hatkoff about the true story of an unusual relationship between Owen, a baby hippopotamus orphaned during a December storm in Kenya, and Mzee, a 130-year-old giant tortoise. The bond between the two inseparable animals helps Owen recover from the traumatic ordeal he endured – the storm and the resulting separation from his mother. Never before has there been such a bond between a reptile and a mammal. The story continues on the website where students can explore and learn even more about Owen and Mzee and what makes their story so unique.  The beautiful pictures just add to the magic of the story and brings it to life.

Qualitative Analysis: Moderately Complex.  Explaining the differences between mammals and reptiles can get a bit complex, not to mention the idea of death, however, the website itself is easy to maneuver and is a fun way for students to interact with and watch videos of the real Owen and Mzee.

Content Area: Life Science

TEKS Standard: Science 1.10C, Science 2.10A


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