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Lord of the Flies (Movie)

Lord of the Flies

Allen, L. M. (Producer), & Hook, H. (Director). (1990). Lord of the Flies [Motion picture]. United States: MGM.

Description: This is a film adaptation of William Golding’s 1954 novel. It is considered an allegory and is set on an island where an airplane crash has stranded a group of boys devoid of any adult control. The boys begin to develop a hierarchy in order to survive which works well until the group divides. One group is primitive in nature and focused on hunting while the other is more focused on being rescued. Over time, violence ensues as one group veers into savagery and seeks to destroy the other.

Qualitative Analysis: Very Complex.  The movie was shot in black and white so the colorful foliage of the island would not take away from the message of the movie/book.  This will probably be one of the hardest things to get past in a classroom setting because students may find the lack of color disinteresting.  The complexity of the underlying meaning of the movie/book, how the dismantling of the governmental structure could have potentially serious repercussions, could also give this movie a very complex analysis, but hopefully that will have been discussed between the reading of the book and watching of the movie.

Content Area: ELA

TEKS Standard: E2.15A, E2.15C.i, E2.15C.ii, E3.13C, E3.15A, E4.13C, E5.15A

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