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Grave of the Fireflies/Hotaru no haka (Original title)

Grave of the Fireflies/Hotaru no haka (Original title)

Del Rio, D. (Producer), Toru, H. (Producer), & Takahata, I. (Director). (1988). Hotaru no haka [Motion picture]. Japan: Studio Ghibli.

Description: Originally a Japanese animated film, known as Anime, this movie was later adapted and dubbed into English and titled “Grave of the Fireflies” or sometimes seen as “Tombstone for the Fireflies.”  Based on a semi-autobiographical book by author Akiyuki Nosaka, the movie follows a brother and sister after the bombing on the Japanese city of Kobe and documents the hardships they faced.  Some claim this movie to be anti-war, it does show the devastation that can fall upon civilians during wartime.

Qualitative Analysis: Very Complex.  This is one of those rare movies that does not have a happy ending.  The topic which is covered is very sad and therefore it is very important that this be disclosed beforehand to both students and parents.  It is a war movie, fortunately not a lot of blood or graphic details are shown, but they are implied.  There will need to be a bit of background information leading up to this point in WWII, what “total war” and “totalitarianism” is, so that the students have a better understanding of the context going into the movie.

Content Area: History/Social Science

TEKS Standard: WH.12A, WH.12C, WH.28C

Curriculum Lesson Plans:


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