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The Brothers Grimm: Two Lives, One Legacy

The Brothers Grimm: Two Lives, One Legacy by Donald R. Hettinga

Published October 15th 2001 by Clarion Books

Plot Description: In this biography of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, we get to learn what the brothers were like growing up, how they were raised, and the education they received, before they became the famous Brothers Grimm.  Jacob was a natural scholar and enjoyed poetry, music, and language, while Wilhelm enjoyed teaching and storytelling and both were librarians and lovers of books.  They were involved in politics, and along with the social and historical influences of the time we are able to see how their lives and stories took shape.

Quantitative Reading Level: 5

Qualitative Reading Analysis: I would give this text a Slightly Complex analysis.  The vocabulary and language of the piece is very conversational and easy for young readers to grasp.  The information presented is done son linearly, in the progression of the brother’s lives from infancy to adults and is very easy to follow.

Content Area: History/Social Science, English-Language Arts/General

CC Content Area Standard: R 1-10, W 3-6, W 9-10

Curriculum Lesson Plans: Enchanting Readers with Revisionist Fairy Tales

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